Verification Process

How does PlanetUp Ads ensure their Carbon Offsets are authentic?

Our Carbon Offsets are triply verified:

In Situ. All the green projects which PlanetUp Ads invest in are verified by internationally-recognized entities such as: SES, Inc, First Environment Inc, Plan Vivo, Scientific Certification Systems, Det Norske Veritas, BSI Group, among others. All guarantee their projects have achieved the amount of reductions they claim.

Carbon Registers. In order to warrantee that Carbon Offsets in which PlanetUp Ads invest are not sold twice, each and every one of them are acquired by the most recognized Carbon Registers worldwide. Including California Action Registry, Markit Environmental Registry, American Carbon Registry, and more.

ISO 27001. For complete transparency and reliability at every moment, PlanetUp Ads is certified with ISO 27001 by BSI Group. This guarantees that the PlanetUp Ads system discounts the Micro Carbon Offsets just one time from their general inventories, to be then accredited to the advertisersí accounts.