Green Projects

Just like clean air, we love transparency (naturally). So here's further info on how Advertisers' investment in PlanetUp Ads goes directly to green projects that generate Carbon Offsets.

For starters, PlanetUp Ads only offer Carbon Offsets with the best quality projects. Each is thoroughly examined and goes through comprehensive verifications by internationally recognized organizations, which precisely account the Carbon Offsets generated. Ensuring the biggest possible benefit for the world.

Projects include reforestation, wind farms and methane destruction, among others. Plus, we are certified with ISO 27001 which warrantees total transparency and reliability.

We know that the benefit for helping the planet is all about people. That is why we only work with carbon reduction projects that really add quality of life to the local communities and provide additional benefits to the environment. Beyond just the emissions soothed.

PlanetUp Ads supports projects that are managed by truly passionate people about the protection and improvement of the environment.

If you want to know more about our carbon reduction projects, please contact us.

This Mexican project provides some of the greatest benefits because it not only absorbs harmful emissions that lead to climate change, it offers a variety of other valuable eco-benefits. Cleaning the air, preserving the land's fertility, filtering waterand protecting biodiversity, to name a few.
The objective of this innovative project is to transform the manure of 1,600 cows into electricity. The result? A completely self-sustainable operation.

Around the world, landfills are one of the biggest problems that pollute air because they generate toxic gases. One of which is methane, a lethal gas produced when organic waste is decomposed in absence of oxygen.

Forests help to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then keep it as carbon in their trunks for hundreds of years. So it's no surprise that the loss of forests is the second cause of carbon emissions in the world. The first being fossil fuel burning.
The projects we support are all over the world. This one's located in Mato Grosso, Brazil and takes advantage of sawdust and other wood-derived waste to generate electricity and distribute it to nearby villages.

Did you know wind is just another form of solar energy? When sunlight heats the oceans and continents the resulting warm air goes upward and creates drafts. Humans have used this wind for thousands of years; at first to move ships, then to pump water and grind grain.