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This Mexican project provides some of the greatest benefits because it not only absorbs harmful emissions that lead to climate change, it offers a variety of other valuable eco-benefits. Cleaning the air, preserving the land’s fertility, filtering water and protecting biodiversity, to name a few.

The Scolel-Té Plan includes forestall zones located in the north zone of Chiapas State and northeast Oaxaca State in Mexico. The project covers several ecological and cultural regions including Tojolobal Tzotzil communities in high zones, and Tzetzal and Lacandona communities in lowlands. Initially, just a few farmers participated in the pilot phase of the project, but now more than 50 communities and near 2,400 families have joined.

Environmental benefits of the project.

Conservation of ecosystems and threatened native species. Reinforcement of protected areas. Biodiversity maintenance. Water erosion protection, ground stabilization and micro climate regulation.

Social benefits of the project.

Contributes to reduced poverty in rural areas and supports sustainable lifestyle through agriculture improvement. Provides income for sustainable wood, fruits, nuts and other forestall products, besides the income derived from environmental services. Increases social capital by the participation of the communities in the project planning. Knowledge transference, communities empowerment and less dependence on external support.

This project is managed by “Fondo BioClimático” and coordinated by AMBIO, an environmental non-profit cooperative of Plan Vivo System. This system is designed to plan, manage and monitor carbon absorption and the creation of certified Carbon Offsets originated by sustainable forestry projects in third world countries.