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Did you know wind is just another form of solar energy? When sunlight heats the oceans and continents the resulting warm air goes upward and creates drafts. Humans have used this wind for thousands of years; at first to move ships, then to pump water and grind grain. Now, itís being used as a safe and clean source to generate electricity.

The Ningxia Tianjing Wind Farm Project uses giant fans to move a turbine that generates electricity for nearby towns. Located at northeast Ningxia, China, near the inner frontier with Mongolia, a total of 67 turbines have been installed in an area of 15 Kms. Altogether producing a total capacity of 50.25 MW of clean energy.

Since this project is also a work source for local communities, itís actually reducing poverty while it reduces climate change.

How the Wind Farm gives back:

  • - Reduces 92,355 tons of carbon emissions annually
  • - Stimulates the wind energy industry
  • - Reduces other pollutants derived from burning hydrocarbons
  • - Creates job opportunities for the community