PlanetUpAds Initiative
PlanetUp Ads was created with one clear objective: to serve as a sustainable solution for brands and advertisers on the Internet—all while helping the environment in the process.

The PlanetUp Ads initiative can be boiled down to three main principles:

1 - Provide advertisers, website owners and users an opportunity to fight climate change

Our ad technology makes it easy for more people to help reduce the effects of climate change. PlanetUp Ads neutralizes CO2 in real time through our patented advertising platform. It’s directly connected to Carbon Offset inventories from green projects like the Van Eck Forest in Humboldt, California, which absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, and the Dairy Emerald Farm in Wisconsin, that destroys methane. Every carefully selected project reduces carbon emissions through PlanetUp Ads support.

2 - Reach audience and campaign objectives through a highly-targeted advertising system.

We've developed our own Micro-Carbon Offsets technology, designed to be integrated with any third-party ad platform. This flexible approach lets us deliver the quality and scale needed for actionable, measurable results.

3 - Create sustainable businesses and best market practices—together.

Helping spread the PlanetUpAds model worldwide creates a chain reaction that benefits us all. First, Carbon Offset demands will increase. Bringing new green projects that capture or avoid greenhouse emissions and fight global warming. Then, on top of climate benefits, these Carbon Offset demands will generate more job sources; mostly in small communities and third world countries.