Micro Carbon Offsets

Converting the power of millions on the Internet into clean energy and other green projects doesnít just help the environment, it helps your brand, too.

Our sustainable advertising model neutralizes CO2 in real time because itís linked to Micro Carbon Offsets. Hereís how:

Green projects:
Many projects generate Carbon Offsets that, when sold, generate money and contribute to the creation of more green projects. So, things like forestry programs that capture CO2, or ones that destroy methane and create clean energy.
Carbon Offsets:
A Carbon Offset is a certificate which endorses that one ton of CO2 was kept from entering the atmosphere.
Micro Carbon Offsets:
With one-ton increments being so large, PlanetUp Ads buys Carbon Offsets and fractionates each ton into pounds. This fraction represents a Micro Carbon Offset.
Sustainable Ads:
PlanetUp Ads technology links Micro Carbon Offsets with digital advertising. For every click or impression, a Micro Carbon Offset is discounted in real time and then credited to the advertiserís Carbon Account. There, the advertiserís Micro Carbon Offsets are accumulated and visitors can see all the green projects supported by their digital advertising investment.