The Climate Challenge
To reduce the impact of climate change with the power of millions on the Internet, by supporting Carbon Offset programs and helping customers’ brands in the process
A challenge to grow on
Over the last 100 years the planet’s temperature increased 0.8°C. Yet if we don’t make a change now the temperature is set to hit 6°C by 2050. If we can reduce our emissions by 85% we’ll keep that increase to only 2°C. But only if we work together. Source: IPCC
What can happen later if we don’t act today?
  • Droughts. Famines, with the poorest countries feeling the worst impact.
  • Sea temperature increase. Stronger, more frequent storms and irreversible melting.
  • Polar cap and Greenland melting. The sea level increase will force millions of people to migrate to safe lands.
  • Extinction from 15% to 40% of global biodiversity.
  • World economy impact. A recession of about 20% of global GDP would be unleashed.
The solution starts today
If we truly want to help reduce the impact of climate change we need to create more demand for low CO2-impact means of transportation, increase energy efficiency, more clean energy from renewable sources, greater demand of Carbon Offsets and other projects that avoid greenhouse gases. We’re doing our part with a sustainable advertising model. Your involvement helps even further. See how.