Neutralizing carbon emissions by connecting people and brands
PlanetUp Ads's technology is designed to neutralize CO2 in real time with each click or ad impression.
PlanetUp Ads vision is wholly unique in the market: to use digital advertising technology to fight climate change.
Our Sustainable Advertising Model neutralizes CO2 in real time because it is linked to Micro Carbon Offsets, which directly generate the creation of more green projects that fight climate change.
The investment in our sustainable digital advertising units goes right into the green projects PlanetUp Ads supportóall projects that generate Carbon Offsets.
Groundbreaking technology. Earth-saving brands. We are proud to share with you success stories from companies who were among the first to adopt our innovative technology.
If we truly want a long and healthy tomorrow, then we are faced with the challenge of reducing our emissions and minimizing the effects of climate change today.
You can make a difference for the Planet! Get 52 Green Living Tips.
Carbon emissions neutralized so far, thanks to advertisers, websites and the PlanetUp Ads audience:
Lbs of CO2
Carbon emissions neutralized so far

This climate benefit is equivalent to turning off:
light bulbs for one hour
This is the Sustainable Plug-In of PlanetUp Ads
Wherever you see an ad on the Internet with this icon you know the advertiser is
actively supporting the creation of green projects.
When this icon appears in a banner
it means...
More green projects like forests
and wind farms are
neutralizing CO2...
Thanks to our advertisers we can all
enjoy a cleaner atmosphere.
Why companies choose PlanetUp Ads?
Our Sustainable PlugIn

PlanetUp Ads plug-in ensures every click or ad impression supports green projects, neutralizing CO2 in real time.
Better ROI and audience targeting for your digital campaign

Our Sustainable Plug-In increases your campaign performance because it provides an emotional engagement, better branding and positive user experience, which translates into a better return on investment.
One more reason to notice your ad.
One more incentive to click.

This added layer of helping the planet, on top of your relevant messaging, gives people a simple, appealing way to take action while engaging with your brand.
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